Igennus: Healthy future for high-growth Cambridge company

A Cambridge ‘nutraceutical’ company hoping to crack global markets in the New Year certainly looks to have a healthy future in front of it, thanks to a new high-growth coaching programme being offered by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA).

‘Coaching for High Growth’ offers local companies exclusive access to a host of experienced business coaches for one-to-one support and advice on preparing a business for rapid growth. Cambridge-based Igennus, is one of the first businesses to enrol on the programme.

Offering a premium range of Omega 3 EPA health supplements, Igennus’ headline product Vegepa is scientifically-proven to help in the fight against serious conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME and ADHD.

Sales growth at Igennus has been dramatic after widespread recognition of the product’s health benefits from scientists and medical practitioners across the world. The company, which employs ten people at its headquarters at Chesterton Mill, has already sold £5m of Omega EPA supplements and is currently exploring a number of opportunities to add new products to its line and distribute them globally.

Dr Jav Nazemi, CEO of Igennus – www.igennus.com – said:  “By 2012, we want to see our products being prescribed by doctors across the world. At this point in time, our business model is developing at pace across a number of different areas – we are growing sales of our health supplements globally and unlocking new markets in the process. Like most high growth companies, we are looking to raise finance for our next stage of growth, whilst continuing to research and develop our next winning product.”

“EEDA’s high growth coaching programme has provided an invaluable sounding board at just the right time. It has given me the opportunity to take a step back and consider whether our business has the infrastructure in place to grow sustainably. A fresh and, importantly, impartial set of eyes on our business plans is not just confirming our direction of travel, but also challenging our thinking.”

Coaching for High Growth is being delivered on behalf of EEDA by a highly experienced team based at St John’s Innovation Centre. Through this programme, Jav has been working alongside experienced business coach Tim Rose from Growbridge Advisors. Tim has helped to raise over £12m for small businesses in each of the past two years. Tim is also a qualified “Chartered Director” and holds a number of non-executive positions as well as being the Chair of Trustees for two charitable organisations.

Tim Rose said:  “Companies with high-growth potential can often realise their ’vision’ at a faster pace and minimise risk by engaging an experienced coach who will then help the company prioritise and identify opportunities in a structured way. Igennus has a proven sales record which not only helps with brand recognition in new markets but makes any fund-raising easier.”