Animated Series Carries Empowering Message for Children

Azoomee, the company behind a safe and creative app made to inspire and empower kids aged 5-11, have released a new episode of their successful internet safety series Search It Up* along with a quiz inviting children to engage and interact in a fun way.

With British summer in full swing and plenty of time on our hands – especially the little ones – the series addresses important issues revolving around kids and technology, teaching young users and their families how to “stay smart, safe and kind” online.

The animated series guides children and adults alike through the complexity of new mediums available, touching on subjects such as privacy and screen time, through a compelling and approachable style of visual storytelling.

Azoomee_Episode 3

The new episode explores the sensitive subject of bullying to young children in a simple and intuitive way offering a straightforward advice for dealing with it.

The series of free, web-based learning sessions will run throughout the summer holidays with a new episode and activity released every Thursday.

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*Search It Up is produced by Azoomee, written by BAFTA winner, Dave Ingham, created by BAFTA award winning production studio, ArthurCox and supported by the NSPCC.