GrowthAccelerator client Zooms to success

Cambridge based telephone answering service; Zoom Answer Call has always sought external advice and coaching with the aim to build up value and branding to become market leaders. Founded by Managing Director, Chella Heyes in 1999, Zoom Answer Call provides extensive customer service activities ranging from basic message taking to virtual receptions, customer service, order lines and after-care service lines.

By 2012 the business was at a stage where they needed to focus on growth with the aim of doubling their turnover within 3 years. Chella knew her company was well-run with good systems in place and loyal staff but she felt they weren’t pushing forward enough in order to achieve the growth they knew they wanted. Following a move to new offices in order to prepare to expand the team the company joined GrowthAccelerator.

Delivered by St John’s Innovation Centre across the greater Cambridgeshire and greater Peterborough region on behalf of the GrowthAccelerator Consortium, the service helps England’s brightest growing businesses achieve their ambitions with rapid, sustainable growth. It enables business to discover the real issues that could be holding them back, define the right growth plan and open doors to world class business experts and networks. GrowthAccelerator provides access to some of the UK’s top business coaches for one-to-one support, guidance and coaching.

After working with Growth Manager Kirsten Masson based at St John’s Innovation Centre, a package of coaching support was scoped out identifying the business needs. By working towards a set of key objectives they would be able to achieve their ambitions to become market leaders and stand out from the crowd.

Zoom Answer Call was delighted to be introduced to their GrowthAccelerator coach, Tina Dulieu– a professional business coach who has considerable success and expertise in helping entrepreneurial businesses achieve rapid and successful growth whilst helping people recognise their own and others strengths in order to reach their potential.

Tina worked with the company to take a planned approach to sales and marketing and helped them to understand and analyse their blend of business focusing on selling more profitable services and developing more targeted marketing. They now have a clear business strategy and by December 2012 they had formalised a solid 3 year plan and formed a ‘Growth Team’ with the operations and sales managers also present in the coaching sessions. The business is now on track to triple its turnover within 5 years.

Growth Coach, Tina Dulieu said;

“These past six months have been revolutionary for Zoom!  The senior management team have been central to the work we’ve done together on developing a growth strategy along with Marketing and Sales analysis. Sales have increased and targets are being met.  Zoom’s MD, Chella Heyes, has shown tremendous determination to succeed by being open-minded to business development and swift to implement the changes. ”

A big win for the business was the gaining of a significant medical chain client at one of their hospitals which meant that there was a need to employ two new staff to cope with the workload. Success from this has given them confidence to forge ahead with chains and there is presently negotiation with a vehicle chain. The company has high aspirations for the future, whilst also continuing to grow their team, Zoom Answer Call hope it won’t be long before the hard work pays off and they start to receive well deserved awards and recognition.

Chella Heyes, Managing Director speaks very supportively about her coaching experience:

“In just a short space of time, Tina has helped me focus on analysing the core services we offer our clients with an outcome of completely re-designing and re-packaging them, which I know, will be the contributing factor to our success. Tina’s dedication and support to our business is amazing and her advice and knowledge is truly inspirational. I would recommend GrowthAccelerator to any business owner who is serious about growing; it has changed the direction of my business and me personally.”

As they come towards the end of the Business Development Coaching Zoom Answer Call are planning to continue working with Tina Dulieu to provide training to develop the skills, competences and capabilities of their senior managers. The company will be using Leadership and Management (L&M) funding, available to all participating GrowthAccelerator businesses to contribute to the training cost.

The Leadership and Management enhancement package is an integral part of GrowthAccelerator with up to £2000 grant funding available per eligible individual with no limit on the number of senior managers in a company able to participate.  The business is required to pay 50% of the total course cost, matching the L&M grant pound for pound.

Zoom Answer Call is one of many businesses to benefit from GrowthAccelerator since it launched in May 2012 with St John’s Innovation Centre recently signing up their 100th company!

For further information about GrowthAccelerator go to or contact St John’s Innovation Centre on 01223 422378 or For Leadership and Management Training or to discuss a bespoke programme for your organisation please contact call 01223 909139.