Visual -Thinking Template for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – the world’s largest business support network and programme helping ambitious business innovate and grow internationally, delivered by Kirsten Masson, Penny Lord and Claire Johnsen at St John’s Innovation Centre – brings a new event this Autumn.

INNOVATION PROJECT CANVAS is a visual-thinking template which helps innovators and entrepreneurs tie together the technical features of an innovation with the critical commercial and business features that it needs to develop a defensible commercial proposition and sustainable competitive advantage.

Innovation Project Canvas is designed in three levels with segment headings and question sets offering different degrees of guidance to complement the experience and innovation track record of the business.

The Innovation Project Canvas is at its most powerful when used collaboratively, either with internal business teams or with external partners in open-innovation projects.

This interactive and practical workshop, led by Dr Lorraine Morley, is aimed at businesses with innovation projects who wish to gain insights into innovative business models, develop new business models or analyse and assess existing business models.

The aim of this workshop is to provide delegates with:

• Knowledge and confidence to experiment with and develop new business models and/or assess current business models
• A visual-thinking tool to add to the organisations strategic toolkit
• An approach for organising, recording and assessing the commercial prospects of their innovation
• A draft Innovation Project Canvas for their innovation project

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About Dr Lorraine Morley
Lorraine is an expert in innovation and applied entrepreneurship and has a PhD in open innovation. She is an Industrial Fellow at Cambridge University and supports a number of organisations in their business growth and development. Lorraine has an MBA from Warwick Business School and she has been an adviser to Innovate UK in developing applied business canvas processes to assist businesses to rapidly develop new products and services.