EEN Entrepreneurial Skills Training

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Entrepreneurial Skills Training

Are you a start-up or established small to medium-sized business looking to grow and develop? If so, you may benefit from our series of twelve fully-funded workshops designed to support innovative and growing businesses in the East of England to achieve their business goals.

Delivered by our experienced Enterprise Europe Network Innovation Advisers, who are certified trainers in these workshops, the curricula has been developed, licensed, taught and accredited by School for Startups. The first three workshops (conducted over three separate dates) start with a focus on business modelling, defining your proposition and providing you with an opportunity to conduct a detailed analysis of your current model and how it could be developed and improved. These are a foundation to be completed together, and all further workshops can be done separately (apart from Organisational Strategy & Development for which the Business Modelling Workshops are a pre-requisite).

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Workshop 1 – Defining Your Value Proposition

Monday 14th September 2015, St John’s Innovation Centre
This workshop will help you articulate, test and evaluate your value proposition and wider business model using the business model canvas and related tools.

Workshop 2: Developing Your Business Model

Monday 21st September 2015, St John’s Innovation Centre
This workshop allows you to develop and refine your business model to include competition, customer segments and relationships, routes to market and sales channels, operational resources and partnerships.

Workshop 3 – Testing and Refining Your Business Model

Monday 28th September 2015, St John’s Innovation Centre
This workshop illustrates how to test, evaluate and further refine your business model through financial modelling (pricing, costing and revenue streams).

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