Investor Readiness Pitch Panels

Most businesses need funding of some kind or another to survive and grow, particularly in their early years, whether it’s a bank loan, a grant or an equity investment.

Although raising finance seems challenging and market commentary remains downbeat about investment there is still a lot of support and funding available to companies with the right pitch. The banks ARE lending, some grants ARE still available and equity deals ARE happening.

St John’s Innovation Centre offers Investor Readiness Pitch sessions with an expert pitching specialist who will de-mystify the funding options and provide hands-on support to help companies make themselves attractive to potential funders.

Businesses will also have the opportunity to pitch to a ‘friendly’ panel of highly credible investors, introducers and other key influencers, helping entrepreneurs hone their pitch by offering a dry-run before they present for real.

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Why take part in one of our Investor Readiness Pitch Panels….?

  • Investors make snappy decisions based on what they hear and see.
  • You have one chance to convince investors that your proposition is viable, better than the competition, and worth spending time on.
  • It doesn’t matter how good your product or technology is… if you can’t communicate it effectively you drastically reduce your chances of gaining investment or support.
  • We know what makes for a successful entrepreneur – both in pitches and in running businesses – and can provide you with practical advice.

Investment-ready businesses will have the opportunity to;

  • Pitch to a ‘friendly’ panel of highly credible investors, introducers and other key influencers, including successful entrepreneurs, former bankers, pitching advisors and sector specialists.
  • Receive the benefits of decades of expertise in feedback and advice that will help entrepreneurs see the business from an investor’s perspective.
  • Ensure effective pitch delivery.
  • Strengthen the business plan.

The opportunity to practise makes a huge difference!

There are 3 different types of Investor Readiness Pitch Panels available depending on which type of investment you are targeting. These are;

  1. Angel Investment panels – Looking to raise £10k +
  2. Venture Capital panels – Looking to raise £1m +
  3. Corporate Investment Panels – Looking to raise £1m +