Endorsement quotes from a variety of programmes and workshops delivered by St John’s Innovation Centre

“The advice provided on the workshop was helpful and concise – it cut through the forest of information available on the Internet. The wealth of information about funding options was delivered in a totally impartial way too.’’ Anthony Denny – East Publishing, Norwich, Norfolk

“This workshop gave a very good appraisal of the available funding options. It has certainly helped me work out what direction to go in.” Mike Seymour – The Marketing Shop, St Albans, Herts

“Every business or organisation should take time out to re-evaluate the way they operate. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” Karen Ainley, Mosaic Publicity, Essex

“Sometimes you become too embedded in the day to day requirements of the business; you need somebody to help you cut through your own views, challenge you and draw out of you the tools and the belief that you can do the job. Today has been invaluable in setting me on that road.” Howard Robinson, Quay-West Communications, Essex

“The programme has challenged the initial ideas and assumptions we had already made and opened our eyes to what we have to do to prepare a plan for growth.” Oliver Wigdahl, Open Frontiers, Suffolk

“The high growth coaching programme has provided an invaluable sounding board at just the right time. It has given me the opportunity to take a step back and consider whether our business has the infrastructure in place to grow sustainably. A fresh and, importantly, impartial set of eyes on our business plans is not just confirming our direction of travel, but also challenging our thinking.” Dr Jav Nazemi, Igennus, Cambridgeshire

“The coaching we have received has revolutionized our business and the time we have committed to it has been repaid many times over. It is amazing how much has changed.  There is a real appetite for success and growth which everyone is contributing to. All the staff are re-energised, sales are up and there is a real buzz in the office.” Louis Fairfax, CUB, Cambridgeshire

“Coaching shouldn’t be seen as ‘how much is this going to cost me?’ but more ‘where is this going to get me?’  We all think as directors or business owners that we have everything under control because we are profitable, but this is not always the case. Coaching is an integral part of identifying this and becomes a valuable part of effectively managing a business. It becomes part of the business process not another additional cost”. James Cumming, Simple Safety Advice, Cambridgeshire

“In app development you are constantly racing the clock so it’s easy to forget the big picture. We know our marketplace and we’re gaining traction fast – but we’ve never run a business before. Coaching is the perfect solution.” Emmanuel Carraud, MagicSolver, Cambridge

“I would recommend GrowthAccelerator to any business owner who is serious about growing; it has changed the direction of my business and me personally.” Chella Hayes, Zoom Answer Call, Cambridgeshire

“GrowthAccelerator has given us essential tools to map out our vision for the future, how we get there and most importantly, sharing this with the company so they are excited and motivated to help us get to where we want to be.” Chris Walthew, Prospect Research, Cambridge

“I felt I knew virtually everything before attending the ‘Access to Finance’ masterclasses, but learnt a lot on the day – more than I thought. I would recommend to anyone looking for funding!” Neil Needham, Papershrink Ltd