Training Portfolio

We provide high impact programmes, each focussed on a specific aspect of growing your business. These are available immediately and can be delivered at a location of your choice. Each programme will be tailored to the context of your business.

Our training portfolio consists of the following:

Innovation Skills

Helping people and teams to be innovative is a critical component of the DNA your company will need for sustained growth. An ability to challenge the status quo and to seek new ways of doing things, new products, new channels to market, are vital. Innovation can be learned by individuals and by teams. Innovative thinking must be applied to every function in your business. We can help.

Finance Skills

Whether you need access to finance to support growth, or whether you need support in developing financial management skills, we have a specialist team who can assist you. Finance is often regarded as incomprehensible, only understood by qualified people. This is not true. Our philosophy is that finance should be simple and organised to support your growth, not hinder it. We can help.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Leaders need to role model entrepreneurial behaviour and thinking, if they are going to keep their company ahead of the competition and realise new opportunities for growth. Part of the skill of being entrepreneurial is to develop a strong self awareness, use your strengths and support your people to experiment. Recent neuroscience provides powerful insight in this arena. We can help.

Leadership Evolution

As organisations grow, the leadership team must evolve and develop, to maintain momentum. The dynamics of organisations change as more people join. The culture needs to be developed. Governance processes must support growth rather than hold it back. The need to evolve applies to start-ups as much as it does to larger organisations who wish to grow. We can help.

Networked Intelligence

Leaders of growing organisations should access peer knowledge and intelligence from across a wide range of sectors. The more people you share knowledge with, the more successful you will be. How would you like access regular Leadership Retreats, where you can develop a rich and productive network of experienced, knowledgeable contacts? We can help.

We partner with highly respected organisations, such as the Institute of Leadership & Management to offer a portfolio of qualification based training.

Please contact our Training Team on 01223 909139 (or via ) to discuss your specific needs. We will be delighted to advise and help.