I didn’t expect I would be at St Johns Innovation Centre for my work experience, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. An eventful and engaging timetable can keep and 15-year-old girl occupied without suffering through boredom due to lack of concentration. Thus, the week was not unbearable but rather an enjoyable experience which has given me an insight into ‘the world of grown-ups’.


My week consisted of working with various departments. The time I spent on Reception duties showed me the significance of the role, even though it doesn’t deem particularly enticing. It kept me on my toes and occupied, whether it was making calls or sorting mail.

The finance department depends the ‘oh so powerful’ excel spreadsheets. It is as useful as it is stressful- and it is very useful. The finance team’s ability to operate the monstrous device was very impressive and is a skill I have improved with my time here, nevertheless hope to one-day master.

Mid-way through the week I was lucky enough to attend the annual St Johns Innovation Centre BBQ lunch which was entertaining and delicious. It presented the centre as not only a serious work-place environment but its flexibility to also be quite amusing and amicable. The catering team did an excellent job particularly with the variation of appetising food including ice cream!

I was aware how influential and beneficial social media was but not from a business perspective. The Marketing specialist taught me how substantial social media is for companies, and also introduced me to companies like The Marketing Heaven. The potential it creates for clients is vast and I was stressed on the relevance of its power.

I also worked with the Consultancy department which was insightful. I was able to see the behind the scenes work for amazing, innovative companies. To be in the consultancy team takes a lot of dedication as they have to support companies to improve and grow smoothly. This includes giving advice, making strategies, assisting with pitches as well as many other things a teenage girl has trouble understanding. I joined a meeting with possible clients whose work was fascinating, the clients potential was huge and it was the consultancy teams job to aid them to achieve that potential, the meeting was very discerning. The second meeting I took part in was with St Johns Innovations partners and it was to make case studies for companies that have worked with the innovation centre. I was enthralled by how much the centre has helped their clients improve and the outcome that it created. It was long meeting with many things to acknowledge and discuss and we couldn’t have persevered through it without the aid of coffee.

My week started with a confusing guide to all things innovation, however as the week progressed, as well as numerous riveting conversations with the staff, I have grasped the importance of innovation along with how it is a crucial element for tomorrow and later.

Work experience at St Johns Innovation Centre helped me attain new skills and was thoroughly congenial due to my purposeful schedule, the supportive and lively staff, above all the free Wi-Fi.