St John’s Innovation Centre is delighted to share the “Valuation of Your Business” webinar delivered by InvestHorizon in partnership with EBN and hosted by David Gill, Managing Director of The Centre.

Delivered by Invest Horizon in partnership with EBN, this webinar addresses both mainstream methodologies for valuing reasonably established smaller firms and also useful strategies to use when selling equity to investors before your business is generating consistent revenues – including innovative firms taking new technologies to market.

Valuation at early stages requires a blend of quantitative and qualitative negotiation techniques, often spread over several investment rounds. Areas covered in this webinar include estimating markets, basic negotiation approaches, strategies for mitigating gaps in key information and other key drivers in the absence of hard data and presenting your case in terms that are most likely to be understood by angels and seed funds.

David Gill has been Chief Executive of St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge since 2008. He previously set up and ran the national Innovation & Technology team for HSBC in the UK. He is a non-executive director of seed-fund manager ET Capital Ltd, equity crowdfunding platform Syndicate Room Ltd and inclusive finance provider AskIF Ltd, as well as co-author of a guide to SME finance, Show Me The Money, which has been translated into simplified Chinese. David is also a member of the board of EBN.