Glyconics secures grant from Innovate UK for development of miniaturised Infra-Red (IR) spectrometer


Glyconics is pleased to announce that it has secured a grant from Innovate UK for the development of a miniaturised Infra-Red (IR) spectrometer which will enable multiple point-of-care clinical diagnostic applications including respiratory diseases and diabetes.

The grant will cover the development of routes to market, reimbursement, and regulatory requirements for major markets.

Celebrating the award, Dr Kam Pooni, CEO of Glyconics, said: “This is another step forward in the development of our hand-held technology. This grant is recognition from a respected organisation for the scope of our ambition in the life sciences sector and the value of our technology in the clinical arena."

Glyconics is developing a compact, cost-effective way of using FTIR Spectroscopy for point-of-care testing. Our hand-held device identifies spectra waves from samples resulting in highly accurate diagnostic data in minutes in a
wide range of areas including oncology, urology and COPD disease. Glyconics is headquartered in Cambridge. For further information visit: