Green Custard develops IoT/dispense software for Britvic’s innovative Flavour Tap

Novel solution, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies, helping to deliver Britvic’s healthier people and planet strategy through a reduction of single use plastic

Cambridge UK 26th April 2022. Green Custard Ltd, an award-winning professional services company and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, together with other AWS partners, has been commissioned by Britvic plc to develop IoT / dispense software for Britvic’s smart tap operable via touchscreen technology, for a new range of drinks dispensers intended for deployment in large supermarkets, large businesses, and other high footfall locations.

As one of the UK’s largest soft drinks manufacturers and industry leaders in France and Ireland, the vendor is exploring technology to look beyond the bottle as part of its healthier people and planet strategy. Using a touchscreen-controlled interface built using AWS mobile, cloud and IoT capabilities, customers place their reusable water vessels under the flavour tap, select their preferred flavour/preference – fizzy, still etc, and dispense their drink, thus removing the need for a single-use plastic bottle the drink would have usually been sold in.

The scheme forms part of Britvic’s long term sustainability strategy to reduce refrigeration, transport and manufacturing costs which translates into a lower carbon footprint across the product life cycle. As well as facilitating greener working practises, the data captured as a result provides Britvic with valuable insight into market trends and popular drinks choices. Britvic can use the analysed data to grow their customer base and retain brand loyalty through targeted marketing campaigns with loyalty schemes and reward cards. The captured information may also be used to support slicker operations through optimised supply chain, maintenance, and stock replenishment processes.

“The drinks industry has historically been heavily reliant on single use plastic and other non-eco-friendly processes” explains Jonathan Custance, Co-Founder of Green Custard. “With our deep knowledge of AWS IoT services, combined with our expertise in embedded software and mobile app development we’ve been able to support Britvic in their drive to introduce sustainable working practises by developing IoT products quickly and cost effectively”

“With Aqua Libra, we’re offering a new proposition for customers to reduce their carbon footprint, while providing healthy hydration options for staff and shoppers. As Britvic, our decades of experience with liquids and equipment combined with a priority to develop industry-leading experiences has led to the creation of the Aqua Libra Flavour Tap. While developing the ground-breaking product, Green Custard has supported our ability to innovate in-house.” Says Scott MacKenzie, Director of Beyond the Bottle platforms at Britvic

Green Custard has assumed a lead role in numerous development projects on behalf of Britvic, including the prototyping of an IoT connected vending machine product from scratch

and within a short timeframe for validation purposes. Further to a successful outcome, this project has now moved to the next phase with Green Custard taking on a lead role once again.

Britvic’s next generation drinks dispensers are currently being piloted in and with several leading global businesses.

St Johns Innovation Centre
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