St John’s Innovation Centre is hosting the fifth in a series of Merlin ICT interactive workshops aimed at researchers, post-docs,
early-stage founders and SMEs to accelerate the growth of their ventures on their way to successful commercialization.

“Interpreting the Customer and UX” workshop will be held on 22 January 2019 with key themes exploring innovation as a process and integrating user experience feedback into product development.

St John’s Innovation Centre is teaming up with an entrepreneur, researcher and UX strategist Dr Anna Mieczakowski, who will share her UX and design strategy know-how with the audience.

"Let's face it - design is everywhere, from everything we are wearing, looking at, hearing or holding. That's why the UX (User Experience) practice is so important during the design of any product, service or experience, because it helps organisations of all types and sizes to truly understand who their customers are by looking deeply into how people think about and act with products and services,” said Dr Anna Mieczakowski. “UX will help you to humanise your technology, differentiate from competition and gain a larger customer following, as people always fall in love with designs that love and appreciate them".

Anna is assisting companies in successfully defining their customer bases, product development activities and internal business processes to set strategy for new and existing products and services. Her user-centred design work has been published in public reports and articles in leading international journals, books and conferences, as well as being disseminated in design exhibitions for both public and business benefit. In 2012, Anna founded Ameliot to help organisations build better products, services and experiences that best meet customers’ needs and enhance business performance.

There are LIMITED FREE SPACES AVAILABLE for this event. Book your free place here.