Skylark Learning, a Cambridge based education company wants to thank all the staff and their fellow tenants at St John’s Innovation Centre for their donations and support for World Autism Awareness Week.


World Autism Awareness Week started on Monday 26th March, this is a great initiative backed by the National Autistic Society to increase understanding about people on the autistic spectrum and to counteract the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes associated with autism.

There was a great turnout of pink and purple at the Innovation Centre to raised money for The National Autistic Society.

At Skylark Learning, we develop early learning playsets. Our most recent set – My First Emotions – is designed to help very young children to recognise, understand and manage emotions. It was not developed to address any specific condition; however, we have been getting more and more feedback from parents with autistic children that the set helps their children a great deal, including older children than the set was originally designed for.

About Skylark Learning
Skylark Learning creates products that provide young children with more opportunities through early education and fun, play-based learning. In collaboration with British education, psychology and language specialists, Skylark Learning produces resources that offer an engaging, natural way for parents to teach their children in a home environment.

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