Welcome to Merlin ICT Meet-Up #1 -
‘Co-Venturing and Open Innovation: Explore new ways to build commercial partnerships’

We’re delighted to announce the first in a series of Merlin ICT meet-upswith a hands-on, problem-solving approach to help researchers, post-docs and early-stage businesses explore paths to market for their R&D projects and new ways to create value.

We are delighted to confirm Dr Letizia Mortara, Senior Research Associate in Technology Management in the Institute for Manufacturing (ifM), University of Cambridge and Ed Massey, Head of UK & EU of CoVentured as our guest speakers.

‘Co-Venturing and Open Innovation: Explore new ways to build commercial partnerships’ is a focused session designed to encourage researchers, post-docs and early-stage businesses to work together with large corporates and establish partnerships with industry.


Our guest speakers will share their expertise on Open Innovation and Co-Venturing and will touch on:

  • Creating an environment for Open Innovation
  • Implementing Open Innovation strategy
  • Partnerships between technology-based start-ups and established firms
  • Technology acquisition and protection
  • How Universities and researchers can engage with industry
  • Big fish-little fish culture
  • Why do corporates take part in co-ventured projects?
  • Successful co-ventured projects
  • Bear traps – pros and cons of co-ventured projects

We look forward to seeing you!


Dr Letizia Mortara, ifM

Dr Letizia Mortara is a Senior Research Associate in Technology Management in the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. Her current research focus is in the areas of Strategic Technology Management and Technology Enterprise. Specific research projects include Technology intelligence (i.e. activity set-up in order to keep abreast with the latest developments in technology) Open Innovation, and the advent of Digital Fabrication technologies in manufacturing and their implications for business. Dr Mortara joined the IfM's Centre for Technology Management as a Research Associate in 2005. She has a first degree in Industrial Chemistry gained at the University of Bologna in Italy. After spending three years working as a process/product manager in the chemical industry, she moved to the UK where she gained her PhD in processing and process scale-up of advanced ceramic materials at Cranfield University.

Ed Massey, Head of UK & EU, Co-Ventured

Ed Massey has a background in management consulting, before moving into corporate strategy and innovation roles and is now in the start-up world. During his time in corporate-world he led a major corporate accelerator programme which resulted in two investments and 4 commercial deals with some of the start-ups that applied. From that moment on he was convinced about the opportunities of large scale, incumbent businesses collaborating with agile, tech-driven start-ups. When you put these two together, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. They each have what the other need, and given trends corporates will increasingly need start-up partners. Ed now heads up CoVentured in the UK & EU - which is a digital platform and network service that focuses purely on connecting corporates with start-ups relevant to their innovation needs.


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