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CAMBRIDGE, UK - 14 February 2022 - leads the debate on AI in Europe Founder and CEO Dr Loubna Bouarfa has been selected as a European Young Leader (EYL40) for 2022. This unique programme celebrates 40 European leaders, rising stars and change makers that are coming together to help build connections across different fields of work from around the world. The 40 leaders will be tasked with navigating differing political and ideological viewpoints to address key issues such as, green energy, digital transformation, relations with the neighbouring countries and the rising power inequality among different countries. The new European young leaders together hope to generate forward-thinking ideas that help reshape the future of Europe and with it influence key European policy. The EYL40 leaders programme aims to create a strong leadership network of Europeans who reside outside institutional and political frameworks, and leverage innovative thinking to engage the society as a whole to create a more equal, innovative and inclusive Europe

EYL40’s recognition of Dr Bouarfa’s work further highlights the core mission of, which is to improve the lives of the people living in Europe through creating better health outcomes for all, and enable Pharma companies to innovate faster by preparing their systems for the exciting future of data-driven systems, built on the fundamentals of ethical and trustworthy AI.

“One of my core beliefs is that AI is profoundly transforming the world around us. AI has the potential to revolutionise the way we live and work, letting us focus on the most important things, and improving our healthcare system to focus on the uniqueness of each patient. Thanks to this programme, I will have the opportunity to work closely with innovative European minds in bringing the wider public closer to the promises and realities of AI for healthcare. This new amazing technology is already reshaping our world and I look forward to helping shape the European identity of the future, so that we can all, as citizens of Europe, lead productive, meaningful lives. I welcome this opportunity to connect and collaborate with others who share the same vision and passion for creating a Europe fit to face the challenges of the 21st century, without compromising on the fundamental values that have shaped the European identity ”, said Dr Loubna Bouarfa.

About the EYL40 and Friends of Europe:

  • The European Young Leaders represent the most promising European leadership from all over the continent and with a wide variety of backgrounds including: politics, business, civil society, academia, arts, science and the media.

  • The programme acts as a forum for those who have already established themselves at the forefront of their professions to meet, discuss and collaborate with their counterparts from other fields of expertise. Previous candidates include: government ministers, CEOs, Michelin-starred chefs, international film directors, and high profile journalists

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