OKRA Technologies, a St John’s Innovation Centre based company and leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven analytics for global life sciences, announced they are joining the Veeva Technology Partnership Program and will be making their proprietary AI outputs available to Veeva CRM customers.


As a Veeva partner, OKRA will integrate their technology with Veeva CRM Suggestions, providing explainable and actionable insights for commercial teams. OKRA delivers suggestions, predictions and explanations to empower life sciences executives and operational teams to drive the right drug, to the right patient with humanised and understandable AI outputs.

OKRA will apply its technology to deliver evidence-based insight and foresight to joint customers who use Veeva CRM Suggestions, enabling them to better engage with their stakeholders and support the optimal prescribing of drugs to patients in the different countries. The OKRA engine ingests real-world data, structured, unstructured, clinical, commercial and scientific literature to drive the right suggestions to the different teams in life sciences. The outputs enable managers, and field-based teams to align strategy and execution to contribute to the best possible patient outcomes and support the process of bringing the right drug to the right patient at speed.

At OKRA, we are delighted to partner with Veeva, a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. With this partnership we are aiming to encourage wide scale incremental adoption of AI within life sciences.

“Our goal is to empower strategic and operational teams across life sciences to take action. The integrated solution will aim to support commercial teams across the business to take decisions with all the evidence and information they need, whilst also providing the reasons behind its recommendations. Providing AI solutions that place the user at the centre and enable individuals to execute their vision through explainable AI is our primary objective,” said Dr Loubna Bouarfa, Founder and CEO of OKRA Technologies.

For further information about OKRA visit www.okra.ai or contact Marina Gonzalo at marina.gonzalo@okra.ai