Near 100% Accurate Battery-Free Inventory Tracking System Rolling Out with Major Retailers

Cambridge, UK – 19th October 2023

PervasID, the company providing best-in-class passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader systems for automating inventory and asset tracking, today unveiled TrackMaster, the world’s most accurate near-real time tracking system. Utilising the company’s award-winning passive (battery-free) RFID reader technology, TrackMaster enables retailers to accurately track the location of goods in retail stores, utilising existing tags and replacing time-consuming, labour-intensive manual handheld scanning. The system is already rolling out with major retailers worldwide. 

A single PervasID TrackMaster reader can cover densely packed areas of up to 120m² (1,300ft²) making it ideal for retail store sales and storage area settings.  The antennas scan the location of goods within each zone and track when they move between zones. TrackMaster integrates simply into 3rd party retail stock management applications via an API giving retailers a graphical map interface showing the location and movement of all tagged goods.

TrackMaster’s real-time stock inventory management system offers retailers a multitude of benefits. These include enhanced sales performance and increased customer satisfaction thanks to greater stock availability and expedited visibility of stock for staff. Furthermore, it can improve full-price sales and decrease end-of-season markdowns. It can also ensure timely restocking and seamless in-store fulfilment, while at the same time enhancing click-and-collect and online order services. Finally, TrackMaster can play a key role in loss prevention by reducing shrinkage with its inconspicuous monitoring solution.

 “There are huge benefits for retailers from accurate and timely location tracking of goods in their stores, however to date there has been no solution which meets the performance and price criteria to deliver this,” said Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan, Founder & President of PervasID. “With TrackMaster, retailers can now benefit from highly accurate, near real-time tracking of all of their goods, offering massive advantages in terms of reduced wastage and staff time saved. We’re delighted to be deploying this ground-breaking system with our retail partners and look forward to further rollouts across retail and other industry vertical markets.”

About PervasID
PervasID is a fast-growing technology company that designs and supplies world-leading, passive (battery-free) RFID fixed reader systems for automating inventory tracking, stock taking and asset management processes. PervasID patented products are enabling organisations across a wide range of markets to streamline processes by providing unparalleled visibility into goods, assets and people. No other solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness. For more info visit