PervasID, St John’s Innovation Centre based and an award-winning RFID technology provider, is delighted to announce that its Multi-Ranger reader was selected as one of the 10 finalists in the best new product category of the 13th RFID Journal awards.


The Multi-Ranger was selected by a panel of judges out of submissions made from among the over 150 exhibitors of the RFID Journal Live! event. Products selected had to either offer a significant technology advance, be considerably cheaper or fulfil a need, which no other product addresses.

Launched at RFID Journal Europe last November, PervasID’s Multi-Ranger combines a wide-area passive RFID reader, an anti-theft RFID solution and a portal system to create a multi-functional reader solution that is unique in the market place.

The new solution allows retailers to use a single RFID reader to detect retail items in goods receiving, back storage and sales areas whilst providing an anti-theft solution at exits and entrances. Most importantly, it achieves all this at 50% of the cost of using independent disparate systems. This, along with its unprecedented tag detection rate of over 99%, makes the system revolutionary in the industry.

The technology, which was pioneered at the University of Cambridge, tracks items automatically and in near real-time eliminating the need for handheld reads. The solution, which is currently being trialled by a major technology solution provider to the retail industry, is set to deliver a better ROI than conventional systems by addressing the main issue of theft prevention as well as improving inventory accuracy with all its associated benefits.

“PervasID has had innovative reader technology since it entered the RFID market. The new Multi-Ranger product, which allows retailers to read tags on garments for inventory purposes and alert store managers when a product is being removed from the store without being paid for, is another advancement that makes it a worthy contender for our Best New Product Award,” said Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal.

The Cambridge-based technology company is no stranger to being a finalist in the RFID Journal awards, as their fully integrated, hands-free inventory, portal and checkout solution was nominated last year for the best new product category.

Dr. Sabesan Sithamparanathan, founder and CEO of PervasID commented: “We are proud to be among the finalists of this well-respected award again this year. We believe that our solution will enable retailers to build a much stronger business case with a system which combines theft prevention with significant inventory management enhancements at a relatively low investment.”

Dr. Sabesan Sithamparanathan will be presenting the Multi-Ranger product in a speaker session at the RFID Journal Live! event in Phoenix Arizona on 3rd April. He and his team will also be available on the PervasID exhibition stand throughout the event.