PhixFlow Ltd, a Low-Code Application Platform software development company based at St John’s Innovation Centre, has announced the appointment of a new team member, despite the current complexities of adapting to new ways of working during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Lee Smith joins the team as Marketing Director to assist in establishing a marketing function to drive future growth for the business. Lee brings over 20 years of marketing experience from a wide range of industries, more recently concentrating in the B2B software sector, and has a wealth of experience in establishing new marketing processes and teams.

Joining a new business during a global pandemic has its complexities “Whilst remote working is not new to me, going through the recruitment process, onboarding and starting at PhixFlow whilst working from home has been an experience I’ll never forget. I’ve been really impressed with how easy the process has been and everyone has been really welcoming and supportive”.

PhixFlow have seen impressive results and growth in the past 3 years and are now looking to establish themselves as a leader in the Low-Code Application Development industry, with Marketing having a vital role to play in the company’s future success.

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