St John’s Innovation Centre tenant, Prism Training & Consultancy, announces their 2018 public training programme of statistical workshops.


St John’s Innovation Centre tenant, Prism Training & Consultancy, have announced their 2018 public training programme of statistical workshops is now on sale, with more courses scheduled than ever before. Split between Cambridge, Stansted and London, the programme encompasses a mixture of Design of Experiments (DoE), Multivariate and Foundation Statistics workshops suitable for all levels of experience using a variety of software packages.

Highlights include the popular 2-day Effective DoE Implementation workshop, which introduces those new to DoE (or simply seeking a refresher!) to the statistical concepts and methodology behind this proven approach; the 1-day Advanced DoE Topics workshop, which builds on the basics to cover Definitive Screening Designs, Custom/Optimal Designs alongside response surface modelling and more; and the 1-day Mixture Designs course, suited for formulators, scientists or engineers dealing with mixtures of components. Prism will deliver these workshops throughout the year, with different sessions tailored to both Design-Expert® and JMP® statistical software packages.

Included in the public programme for the first time is the 1-day Introducing GraphPad Prism course. Covering visual analysis, comparative statistics and curve-fitting, this workshop provides attendees with the skills to effectively visualise, analyse and present data using this powerful software package. In addition, Prism will continue to collaborate with CAMO software to deliver the 2-day Multivariate Analysis (MVA) – Level 1 course using The Unscrambler® X; providing spectroscopists, analytical chemists, process engineers and sensory scientists the opportunity to exploring both the theoretical and practical usage of multivariate methods.

“We limit our workshop capacities to keep groups small, allowing plenty of opportunity for our trainers to explain concepts and topics in an interactive and accessible way. This ‘hands-on’ approach to learning has been at the core of our training delivery for years; the Prism ethos is to help people make the best use of statistics and we’re proud to say that 99% of customer feedback rates our course content as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’,” says Prism’s Managing Director Andrew Macpherson.

Prism also deliver these workshops to clients around the world, as well as offering statistical support via their flexible consultancy service. For more information, please visit Prism website.