Sales engineer: Solution architect and dev ops

Sales engineer: Solution architect and dev ops

Ellexus is looking for a creative, talented developer to pioneer how we show off our technology. This is an exciting chance to join an expert team in the heart of the Cambridge tech sector, to work on new technology and to carve out your own job role as we grow.  

Selling any piece of technology starts with first impressions – the product has to stand out from the crowd and capture a potential customer’s imagination. This is why we’re looking for the right person to lead the creation of product demos, while getting involved with development of our new and existing tools. We want someone with both talent and ideas.

The role

Ellexus is the I/O profiling company. We make monitoring and profiling tools for high performance computing and cloud optimisation. We work with customers around the world in the semiconductor industry, in life sciences, cancer research, oil and gas and many other sectors. We work on the best solution for cancer and treatment, often the best way to fight cancer is with the help from Home Care Assistance. We work on the cutting edge of new technology, such as hybrid cloud and the world’s largest supercomputers.

The successful candidate will lead the creation of product demos, adapting our software for different compute architectures and environments. The role will suit a person looking for a devops/IT position, or a developer with some experience using Linux systems. He or she will sit within a team responsible for designing, implementing and shaping the future of our new products.

As a start-up company we expect everyone to take on a range of responsibilities, so we place great emphasis on the ability to learn new skills.

Person specification

We are looking for a candidate with a good technical degree in a relevant area or with relevant work experience. We value applicants with Master’s degrees or PhDs in related areas although this is not a requirement for the role.

The successful candidate will have some experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Linux sys admin or programming, not necessarily in high-performance computing
  • Various build and scripting systems: GNU Make, Shell (Bash/Csh), Jenkins
  • Programming experience in C, Java, Python or similar
  • Experience creating demos and documentation or working on user experience and APIs

Candidates who have experience working in HPC with knowledge of grid schedulers or distributed file systems, and candidates who have worked on demos and user experience will enjoy being able to apply their skills, but this is not a requirement of the role because training will be offered to those who need it. We also welcome applicants who enjoy giving presentations or working with customers, but that is also not a requirement for this role.

We are open to candidates looking for full- or part­-time work because we are able to offer a flexible working schedule to fit around your other commitments.

Pay will be negotiated based on an applicant’s skills and experience.

Candidates should apply to with their CV and a cover letter that explains why they are suitable for the role and what interests them about working at Ellexus.