St John’s Training

Whether your biggest innovation challenge is leadership, culture or team dynamics, we will design a training solution to meet your needs.

Where can you accelerate innovation?

Build a culture of innovation across your organisation that encourages innovation at every level.

There is more to a truly innovative organisation than just new product development. Knowing where to focus your efforts can be a challenge.

Get in touch to arrange a complimentary innovation diagnostic review to understand your opportunities for increased innovation.

Equip your leaders with the mindset, knowledge, and tools to inspire innovation within their teams.

Amongst rapid change and uncertainty, leaders who can adapt and lead innovation are essential to success. These skills can be developed and honed.

To help your leaders support innovation authentically, we can offer you a complimentary profile that will reveal individual innovation strengths.

Empower your team members to innovate by creating an environment that utilises their cognitive diversity.

Everyone can contribute to innovation, not just those who are typically ‘creative’. Support your team to understand their personal strengths when innovating as a group.

A subsidised taster team workshop is a great first step to revealing the power of collaborative innovation.

Our innovation solutions include:

Virtual and face-to-face learning options

Scientifically proven learning techniques

Experienced facilitators and expert specialists

An engaging and energising participant experience

Robust psychometric, EI and 360 feedback tools

One-to-one performance coaching

Measurable return on investment

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