Ask most business owners and they will tell you that their company’s most important assets are its people and their information. But despite this, tech that enables staff to minimise their valuable time putting their hands on crucial information has been yet to make any real stride forward, that is until now.

SimSage is a business that since its creation in 2019 has enjoyed significant growth by changing the status quo of technology driving search functionality. To describe SimSage as a search function does it little justice, this powerful technology is powered by artificial intelligence which means that it understands natural language and couples this with the ability to filter through every document on a business’ system to deliver the results users need.

The technology is now enjoying particular success and growth within the law sector. It goes without saying that carefully documenting and poring through information is part and parcel of the profession and SimSage is proving particularly invaluable to its clients. Due to the technology’s semantic and full-text search engine, it can identify the exact word or phrase a person is looking for. This proves beneficial for the legal sector which often uses a variety of terminology, and tags documents differently, depending on the firm worked for. Ultimately, SimSage improves the value derived from investment into core business systems, simply by making the information within those system much more ‘findable’. The ultimate benefit is that SimSage makes information findable from ALL of those systems, creating a much more efficient work environment.

The minds behind the business are Rock de Vocht and Sean Wilson. Rock describes himself as the ‘deep-techie’ software engineer with a Masters of Science degree specialising in ‘computational linguistics’, and the ability to represent ‘language’ and the relationships between words, in terms of mathematics and software. When developing products like SimSage’s Search Platform, especially when leveraging various components of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Rock holds his own against anyone in terms of how to do this.

Sean’s claim is that after 25 years working in the industry, he still can’t spell ‘IT’; his particular interest is in how innovative tech solutions can add significant value to businesses to help them to better operate and compete in the market, and Rock’s software inventions therefore have great appeal. Sean holds an MBA degree and leads SimSage from the business perspective, working with the wider sales and business team in developing and operating the business and its strategy.

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