We were delighted to welcome Dr Ward Hills, Director of Makespace Cambridge, Entrepreneur, Founder and Investor, to SJIC Sundowners VOL. 2, the second event in a series of relaxed, late afternoon meet-ups with entrepreneurs, founders, investors and inspiring people, designed to exchange know-how, take risks and drive change.

Makespace Cambridge is a not-for-profit hackspace and community’s 4000sqft workshop and inventing shed that supports businesses with prototyping facilities, where both professionals and kids can train in a variety of STEM subjects.

Moderated by Ben Brebner, Consultant Technologist at Archipelago Technology, the discussion touched on collaborative innovation and what makes Makespace a vital landmark on the Cambridge tech ecosystem map.

Ben Brebner, Consultant Technologist at Archipelago Technology

Dr Hills shared his insights on entrepreneurship and the human element in building a successful organisation.

“No technology moves nor gets advanced without the people behind it,” said Dr Ward Hills. “Following on from that my advice for budding entrepreneurs is to network with the objective of understanding other perspectives and experiences. Too often we network with the objective of forwarding our own projects and miss the opportunity to find new information and resources.”

Explore & “See the Space”, for details please visit Makespace Events Calendar

The next edition of SJIC Sundowners will take place on 14th March 2019 at The Square café. To find out more and book your place, please click HERE.