Marking a key milestone in IoT security, startup organisation and St John’s Innovation Centre tenant Zaya has been announced as one of the first Operating Systems to pass the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certification scheme, PSA Certified™.

Anything connected to the internet is subject to continual attack, so provable security is increasingly important. Despite this, consistent security testing isn’t happening today, and the result is a lack of trust in connected devices. If IoT is to meet its potential, developers and consumers need to be confident in the level of security of their devices.

PSA Certified provides a simple and comprehensive approach to security testing. It comprises two elements: a multi-level, security robustness scheme (Levels 1,2 and 3) and a developer focused API test suite. PSA Certified enables devices makers to achieve the security required for their use case through these three progressive levels of security assurance, each requiring increasingly rigorous hardware and software evaluation, which are assigned by analyzing the use case threat vectors.

For the past two years, we have been preparing innovative solutions to solve the challenges of security assessments. We are delighted that Arm has announced their security framework to define security requirements and have provided a test framework. It makes us very proud to be one of the first Operating Systems to pass the PSA Certified tests and become both PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API Certified.” - Murat Cakmak, Founder of ZAYA.

“As we drive towards a world of a trillion connected devices, it’s our industry’s responsibility to enable trust in connected devices, the data they collect and the deployment of these devices at scale,” said Paul Williamson, VP and GM, Emerging Business Group at Arm. “Through becoming PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API Certified, ZAYA has verified its RTOS has been designed with a secure foundation, in line with PSA principles, and is leading the way in ensuring PSA-based solutions have a consistent set of APIs for essential security functions.”

This is achievement was marked by Arm with the presentation of the trophy to Zaya Founder, Murat Cakmak, at Embedded World, Germany.