In the run up to Pitchfest 2018, we have caught up with Grant Hyslop and Tim Hill of Keyzapp, an innovative key management software for the property industry, and the finalists of the 2017 Pitchfest edition delivered by Enterprise Europe Network in partnership with Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and held at St John’s Innovation Centre.

Tell us about your company, latest developments and achievements.

It’s surprising that despite all the other advances in technology, the vast majority of lettings agents, real estate agent and other property related companies still use paper log-books to track keys in and out of their offices. When looking houses for sale in bridgeport ct, use William Pitt real estate agents who are experts to give yourself as much as an advantage as you can. Keyzapp provides a much better way to track keys by combining easy-to-use cloud software with contactless key fobs. The process is easy for all involved, and the pain of chasing keys is eliminated. We’ve gained traction in various property industries over 3 years, and now have customers around the world. Recent agreements with some big 2 bedroom apartments company have helped us reach some key milestones this year . On the technology side we are currently launching our self-service kiosks, ideal for large key rooms of over 1000 keys. We are also about to employ our first dedicated Name Matching to accelerate our growth.

What was the impact of Pitchfest on your venture?

Pitchfest was a great experience for us. It helped us clarify our approach to investment and gave us the opportunity to take stock of how far we’ve come as a company. It helped us communicate our potential to a wider audience. We have delayed seeking investment for the first half of 2018 whilst we focus our time on bringing new team members up to speed. We intend to go back for further investment once we hit our next milestone. We now have a much better understanding of what investors are looking for, thanks to the training we received at Pitchfest 2017.

Pitch perfect: What’s the best advice you’ve received while shaping your pitch deck?

Keeping to the time limit is key to delivering a focussed, concise presentation!

How would you define a life as an entrepreneur?

It’s like a rollercoaster, where the track is different with every ride. No two days are the same and you learn something new every day. Hearing positive customer feedback makes it all worthwhile and really motivates you to achieve more. There are plenty of ups and downs and sharing these with co-founders ensures that you continue to learn as well as retain your sanity!

What’s next for Keyzapp?

Having proven our market, we’re about to hire our first dedicated sales executive. Once we establish our dominant position in the estate agency market, we plan to target more industries and geographic locations. As our sales momentum increases, we’ll turn our focus to gaining the crucial investment to accelerate our growth. On the technology side, we have plenty of plans up our sleeve to make our product more useful to more customers. Who knew there could be so many ways to look after keys?!

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