David Gill

David Gill, Managing Director

David Gill was appointed Managing Director of St John’s Innovation Centre in October 2008. He previously set up and ran the Innovation & Technology Unit at HSBC Bank in London (1997-2004), before serving as an executive director of ETCapital Ltd, a venture firm focused on early-stage, technology-based investments. Educated at Cambridge, he qualified as a barrister before working in corporate finance for US and UK banks.

A Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California (2005), David is currently an Academic Collaborator at the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing. He is also the co-author of a number of analyses of innovation (in the US, Israel, Germany and the UK), business incubation and finance for growth firms, most recently ‘Startup Support Programme: What is the difference?”(NESTA 2015) and “Consolidating the Gains:Government Intervention in Risk Capital (Venture Capital (2015) . He is a non-executive director of the Greater Cambridge Peterborough Enterprise Partnership.




Kirsten Masson, Growth Manager

Kirsten Masson is a Growth Manager at St John’s Innovation Centre with a 25 year track record in performance management, programme management, education, business planning, strategy, systems and processes.

Kirsten has wide ranging experience from managing a portfolio of business finance products and services at the East of England Development Agency to running a £32m organisation as Chief Executive of SkillsWork to support the regeneration of the local economy.

Kirsten has hands on experience of running her own consultancy business working with a wide range of organisations and businesses.  She has advised many companies across all sectors, charities and social enterprises on business support, development, team work and accessing finance to support growth.  Kirsten is passionate about enabling businesses and individuals to grow to maximise their potential.  She was recently involved in establishing and running the Coaching for High Growth programme across the East of England and seen first-hand the benefits that coaching can bring to organisations committed to growth.



Miranda Edwards, Facilities Manager

Miranda Edwards is the Facilities Manager at St John’s Innovation Centre and has been working at the Centre since 1994.  Miranda welcomes all potential tenants to the building and arranges all the necessary documentation to enable a smooth “move in” process.  She has responsibility for the St John’s Innovation Centre Maintenance and Reception team and the facilities at the Centre.

Recently Miranda has managed the refurbishment of the Centre which has been well received by tenants and visitors.