SJIC Training provides a portfolio of training that focuses on supporting ambitious individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop as fast as possible.

We bring together key resources to create an exciting, flexible portfolio that can assist you and your business to accelerate:

  • a training team of leading  professionals who will deliver bespoke training for your specific growth needs
  • the latest training techniques including neuroscience research that impacts upon how training should be delivered for maximum effect and informs leaders on how to create a culture for growth
  • the knowledge and experience of key people responsible for the “Cambridge Phenomenon” where world leading companies are born and supported as they grow


For much of the training we offer, you can access up to 50% reduction in costs, from UK Government funding sources. We will assist you in arranging this. Our training services are delivered innovatively and with energy, to ensure a measurable ROI for your business.

Outline details of our programmes are provided on our training portfolio page, but do please contact our Training Team on 01223 909139 (or via ) to discuss your specific needs. We will be delighted to advise and help.