Decorte Future Industries, developers of adaptive intelligent clothing with AI powered controls, based at St John’s Innovation Centre, has won Innovate UK’s widely publicised Business-led Innovation in Response to Global Disruption competition, securing the maximum grant (£50K).

This grant will support company’s R&D and trials as they prepare to deploy their intelligent clothing, based on a patent-pending exoskeleton, in care homes to monitor and empower the elderly and vulnerable.

“We are beyond delighted that Innovate UK identified our project among the 8600 as one with exceptional potential to have a significant impact on the UK economy, both during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. Underlying our tech is our patent-pending exoskeleton that adapts to the wearer's body, developed over the past two years,” said Dr Roeland P.-J. E. Decorte, Founder & CEO of Decorte Future Industries.

Decorte Future Industries answers the need, from Defence to Care, for a single centralised data-gathering and capacity-enhancing platform built on top of the human body. This particular project addresses, in the short term, the current Covid-19 crisis, and in the long term, the crisis in Care, where demand will outstrip supply in 2022. Intelligent clothing can offer a solution to the most varied needs of society, from healthcare and mobility (e.g. remotely monitored and empowered assisted living) to AI-powered enhanced capabilities (e.g. human-machine teaming for business and individuals).

“Intelligent clothing, as a single centralised data-gathering and capacity-enhancing platform built on top of the human body, has the potential to disrupt multiple industries. Enhancing the wearer's actions, monitoring their health, and empowering them to control robotics and devices simply through voice, gesture and touch, we offer - for the first time - human-machine teaming for all,” commented Dr Decorte.

“While developing this exoskeleton, we have found, and continue to find, the St John's Innovation Centre the perfect hub for building our network, working on our tech, finding business support and hosting meetings and strategy sessions. We owe much to the team that keeps it running so expertly and, as the oldest knowledge-based innovation centre in Europe, continues to support its mission,” added Dr Decorte.

To find out more, please visit Decorte Future Industries