Join Europe Enterprise Network and Silicon Valley Bank for an extended webinar on commercialising life sciences, featuring Ascension Ventures and Amadeus Ventures.

Bringing a mix of experience in Venture Capital investing, investor experience and banking for technology companies, this session will provide an overview of the investor approach to healthcare companies and delve into the investor mindset and trends for 2020.

Virtual details will be emailed to registered attendees before the event.


Key Takeaways

  • The investor approach to commercializing healthcare companies
  • The investor way of working with their portfolio companies
  • Share the investor mindset and trends they observe in 2020 and beyond
  • Evaluate the type of technologies they like backing at early stage
  • An overview of the healthcare ecosystem in the UK and funding trends


About Our Speakers

Flavia Popescu-Richardson, VP of Early Stage Practice

Flavia is Vice-President of Early Stage Practice for Silicon Valley Bank and manages a portfolio of early-stage and growth technology companies. She has over 8 years’ experience of successfully investing, with a track record in portfolio management and end-to-end transaction management, including due diligence, valuation and structuring of deals.


David Buller, Investment Partner at Ascension Ventures Life Fund & Angel Investor

David is an Entrepreneur, VC, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor and Mentor. Working with investors, syndicates, VCs, accelerators and startups in London and San Francisco, David has experience from founder to funding to exit and integration with a global public company.

David is also the Venture Partner at Ascension Ventures – one of the most active seed investors in the UK and an Investment Partner at Ascension Ventures Life Fund – late seed stage Life Science and HealthTech fund.

He founded Avantec Healthcare (hospital supplies and pharmacy automation) in 2006 which was later acquired by Omnicell Inc.


Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures at Amadeus IT Group

Suzanna is an experienced professional in venture capital and startup innovation, with a strong background in both investment banking and technology consulting.

Currently the Head of Amadeus Ventures, the corporate-startup investment program of Amadeus IT Group, Suzanna has overall responsibility for investment direction and financial and strategic outcomes. She specialises in corporate venture capital, corporate open innovation and startup ecosystems.