This masterclass will bring together three expert practitioners to share their insights and experiences of marketing effectiveness.

About this event

If you are in business, you are in marketing. So this webinar is not just for the custodians of the marketing budget, it will resonate with business owners and directors – regardless of job title.

Having said that, the pressure is on marketing leads to deliver results like never before and, given the exponential growth in digital channels and ecommerce, there is clearly a need to understand what works and what the magic marketing mix looks like. But dependencies on data-science and a proficiency in digital marketing platforms can be lonely silos.

Equally, marketing is about conversations. So value perceptions are still shaped by emotional connections, not just passing ‘likes’.

This webinar will aim to shine a light on the value of developing validated strategies, investing in creativity, focusing on conversion and never forgetting that you are selling to humans!